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Education is an essential companion in the dementia care journey

Geriatric nurse and senior in old age home

Medical practitioners and researchers have made noteworthy progress in the treatment, prevention and detection of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia symptoms.

While promising breakthroughs that have the potential to slow cognitive and functional decline generate a lot of attention, a large focus among the caregiving community remains on enhancing the quality of life of individuals living with dementia symptoms. Until a cure or treatment is achieved, improving the quality of life is a worthwhile goal for both individuals with dementia symptoms and those who are responsible for their care.

Well-trained personnel who can handle the complexities of care and programs that focus on a wide range of possible complications related to mental decline are particularly paramount in Los Angeles dementia care facilities, where comprehensive medical care and therapies are accessible and centralized.

A key aspect of quality, comprehensive care is a support system in which caregivers are supportive and understand what the person is going through. This includes providing caregivers with proper training, which is something we do at Hollenbeck Palms.

Continuing education

Because people living with dementia symptoms will triple by 2050, there is greater urgency to establish a network of health care professionals and caregivers who specialize in comprehensive dementia care.

Personalized care should be a central pillar of an education program for caregivers, which includes several modules on topics like the latest research and best practices and strategies for managing and communicating with those who have challenging behaviors.

Person-centered care is one of the most valuable takeaways for continuing education for caregivers. Through this approach, caregivers can prioritize the individual rather than the condition. As a result of more personalized care, patients experience more compassionate care, too.

Caregiver support

What can get lost in the ongoing conversation about Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms is that caregivers must not forget to carve out time for themselves. Oftentimes, caregivers spend the bulk of their day constantly on the move, both physically and mentally. Their hard work and dedication can quickly spin into burnout. Under these conditions, caregivers can sometimes begin to buckle under the weight of their responsibilities, which can also lead to lapses in quality care. This is not experienced at Hollenbeck Palms because our caregivers have been trained by a dementia care expert who has decades of experience training caregivers on how to become Dementia-Aware.

Such training, as well as coping mechanisms and community resources, are just a couple of the tools caregivers can use to relieve some of the stress points and fatigue of administrating care.

With the proper support and access to resources, Los Angeles caregivers can regain their confidence and practice healthy habits despite the challenges and possible pitfalls of this incredible responsibility.

Opportunities for collaboration

Administering care alone is difficult. Many families team up when providing care at home. Interdisciplinary collaboration in Los Angeles dementia care is an invaluable strategy in comprehensive care. When folks come together, comprehensive care that addresses all of the patient’s needs is a common result.

With specific training and awareness, caregivers can continue to meet the high standards they have set.

Through the promotion and awareness of person-centered care, caregiver support, and interdisciplinary collaboration, dementia care is being redefined to move at the pace of the individual and their support system.

Lifelong learning at Hollenbeck Palms

Hollenbeck Palm understands the value of education in dementia care because lifelong learning has been shown to enhance the quality of care. Our entire staff has been trained by world-renowned dementia care speaker and author, Laura Wayman, on how to effectively communicate with and care for those with dementia symptoms.

Ongoing education is also a big piece of life among curious residents who seek educational, artistic and cultural stimulation.

Residents regularly attend musical performances, including piano presentations with lectures, opera, recitals and other music events. Residents also take in concerts off campus, including visits to the Disney Concert Hall and LA Philharmonic concerts.

Our educational enrichment center includes a well-equipped library and computer section, where residents can take a deeper dive into the topics they love. Our non-denominational Chapel and spiritual center is yet another intellectual outlet for deep thinking.

Hollenbeck Palms is an ideal environment where residents lead purposeful lives and never feel alone in the next chapters of their lives.

If you are interested in learning more about our Los Angeles dementia care services, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (323) 307-4505.