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Ending Loneliness In Seniors

Loneliness in elderly adults is a serious health risk affecting many people in the United States. Moving into a senior community full of life-enrichment activities can reduce loneliness and avert the risk of severe medical conditions.

What’s inside

  • The risk of Alzheimer’s nearly doubles with lonely seniors
  • 30% of 46 million seniors live alone
  • Lonely seniors are more likely to drink and smoke in excess
  • Isolation can lead to elder abuse
  • Why living in a community can be the solution

End of Loneliness

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Due to COVID-19, many seniors have lived in isolation and suffered mentally or physically. Senior living communities offer residents a full calendar of life enrichment activities and ensure they are not alone.

Hollenbeck Palms has a Memory Enhancement Unit opening soon! If you would like to sign up to get on the waiting list, contact Zhana Dubin at zdubin@holpalms.com.