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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a CCRC?

CCRC stands for Continuing Care Retirement Community. In compliance with California Law, a CCRC may offer assisted living, or may offer assisted living with a skilled nursing facility onsite or nearby. Ideally, it also includes residential apartments. The most complete and efficient CCRCs, like Hollenbeck Palms, offer all three levels of senior living on a single campus — in our case, an eight-acre garden oasis. Qualifying as a CCRC with the State of California is very challenging. Hollenbeck is proud to be one of just a handful in LA County that offer this distinctive level of service. Few life experiences are more stressful than leaving a familiar home and directly entering a nursing facility full of strangers when you’re at your most vulnerable. You can spare yourself or a loved one this distress by planning the future at a first-class CCRC like Hollenbeck Palms. Living in a Hollenbeck residential apartment, it’s easy to get to know residents and staff throughout The Palms. If additional care becomes appropriate, you or your loved one can maintain the familiarity and comfort with staff and caregivers, and make the transition surrounded by a circle of friends.

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It's hard to decide which entry plan to choose; how do we make that decision?

Hollenbeck Palms offers its residents four entrance plans to choose from because it is, in fact, a complex decision that requires specialized, one-on-one attention. During the process of getting acquainted with Hollenbeck, our Marketing and Admissions team will assist you in understanding each option so that you can determine which one is most likely to work best for you. Throughout the process you are welcome to call and visit with any questions so that you are fully satisfied with your future plans.

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I'm overwhelmed. I know I want to move to Hollenbeck so where do I start?

The first step you need to take is to call and speak with one of our Marketing and Admissions team residents. They will provide you with additional information and make an appointment so that you can tour Hollenbeck Palms and enjoy a complimentary lunch any day. Or you might prefer to reserve a time to join our “Getting to Know Hollenbeck” presentations followed by an enjoyable event. Our expert team will guide you through the steps of securing a beautiful apartment accommodation, selecting an entry plan and assisting with your move. We encourage anyone interested in planning their future retirement to call today, and start the process now. It takes a little time, but is well worth it when you’ve decided you would like to enjoy the stimulating and comfortable retirement lifestyle and all that Hollenbeck Palms offers.

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Why should I make a change when I'm healthy and active?

Making a major life change when you are healthy and active allows you to “Drive the Bus” –- not someone else. We hear it time and time again, “If only I had come to Hollenbeck Palms sooner. I don’t know what I was waiting for.” Making your move sooner rather than later enables you to secure an apartment you will prefer, start making new life-long friends, become familiar and confident in Hollenbeck Palms’ excellent staff, and to create a daily routine that is not only enjoyable but well suited to your long term interests and goals. If the time comes when you need additional care, you’re already prepared and know where you will be. This thought alone provides our residents with great peace of mind.

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