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For more than 130 years, Hollenbeck Palms has enriched the quality of life of our residents by providing comfortable, enjoyable, and secure retirement living with great compassion, honest dignity, and genuine love. Our mission can only be accomplished through exceptional day to day management, oversight by a Board of Trustees, and the ongoing kindness of our donors, friends, and supporters.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our only priorities are our residents and their wellbeing, not shareholders or investors. We are governed by and report to a Board of Trustees, who serve on a volunteer basis and have no financial interest and ties to our operating expenses or projected revenues.

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Mission, care, and compassion.
That is what Hollenbeck is all about.

Here’s what our regular fundraising efforts help support at our community -

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Helping Hand

Should a resident outlive their resources through no fault of their own, Hollenbeck Palms continues to care for that resident and absorbs the associated costs. By the time our residents need the support offered at the Heideman Health Care Center, roughly 50% of them have come to rely on government assistance, which does not cover the full costs associated with their daily care. The balance of this shortfall is provided by charitable donations and income from Hollenbeck Palms endowment fund, what we call the Helping Hand Program. In fiscal year 2023, Hollenbeck Palms provided nearly $600,000 in charity care. Generous support means that all residents continue to receive the top-notch care and service for which we are known—and they can remain in the community they have come to love. To lend a helping hand to a Hollenbeck Palms resident, please click here and make a difference in their life.

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Capital Projects

Our beautiful campus is lush with trees, gardens and flowers, grand Spanish style architecture and panoramic views of the Los Angeles city skyline. The community requires special care to ensure every part of the campus is maintained, remains safe and has the comforts expected from 21st century residents and families. To maintain these stately grounds and structures, we often embark on projects that include major renovations and upgrades, seismic retrofitting, or physical expansion. In 2022, we unveiled our new Hensel Memory Enhancement Center, for which we raised just over $6,000,000. These efforts can only be realized with the support of our donors, supporters, friends, and families.

The outdoor courtyard

Chapel Ceiling Renovation

The chapel is an icon in the center of the Hollenbeck Palms campus and has a commanding presence on our grounds. The magnificent architecture and unique details that adorn the building are captivating, and the sanctuary itself offers a deep sense of comfort and tranquility. The chapel’s limestone-domed ceiling is a significant feature on the exterior of the structure while the beautiful rotunda provides an entrancing vision upon entry. Erected in 1908, the chapel welcomes non-denominational services to all faiths and believers.

For over a century, the structure has withstood time, earthquakes, storms and erosion. Even so, damage and deterioration over time are unavoidable. Despite loving care, attention and maintenance, the chapel has reached a stage where it requires major renovations. A large-scale restoration of our roof is necessary to restore the interior to its original glory.

We need your help to rebuild and renovate our chapel’s damaged and aging roof. Please click here and be a part of our efforts to restore the chapel interior.

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Life Enrichment through Technology

At Hollenbeck Palms, we believe staying active and engaged is essential to a resident’s overall well-being and happiness.

There is increasing scientific evidence that staying active, social, and engaged with one’s community contributes to the extension of life span and a greater sense of happiness as we age. In the 21st century, technology and its uses offer benefits to seniors and their overall feelings of well-being. At Hollenbeck Palms, we aim to provide access to a variety of new technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), telemedicine stations, and iN2L (It’s Never Too Late). Additionally, we offer classes on the basic use of smart phone and tablet technologies, which have become even more important for seniors during the global pandemic experience. Today’s technology allows us to cater to a wide array of our residents’ needs whether they are looking for basic fitness or movement and physical strengthening exercises, nutrition or medication management, exploring a new creative outlet, shopping on Amazon, “visiting” the Louvre, or discovering online health resources. Please click here and help us bridge the gap between technology and our deserving residents by supporting our programs and technologies.

a book titled 'Hollenbeck: a day at the races'

Support our Events

Be a part of our fundraising events. Each year, we hold a special fundraising event to support Hollenbeck Palms. Traditionally, we head out to Santa Anita for a Day at the Races—a fun day of delicious food, wonderful company, and exciting racing. Although we may change our venue up a bit over the years, the goal of these events will always be the same—good food, good times, good cause.