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How live music is beneficial for seniors

Listening to your favorite song or album can fill you with an unexplainable joy. Musical notes and singing voices are a great gift to humanity. Music can be expressive and harmonize with any kind of mood. It is no surprise that listening to music is considered therapy, and is one of the most beloved arts in the history of the world. Music is known to activate the regions of the brain that are responsible for emotions and memory.

Music has a powerful effect on our health and overall well-being, especially when experienced live. Listening to music leads to a variety of health benefits, which we outline below.

Support of brain health and function

Hearing a melody can immediately boost your mood or get you on track to complete a task. As a whole-body creative experience, listening to live music can also positively impact your brain’s activity. More so than any other activity you enjoy, listening to music can unlock areas of the brain. Experts say that listening to live music can promote the growth of new neurons. The brain’s performance, of course, is tied to the health of the neural connections. By engaging in this cognitive experience, people can set themselves up for healthy mental aging.

Counteracts depression symptoms

Most people have a collection of tunes that can pull them out of a depression. Music can touch the soul in that way. It turns out there is even more to the magic of music, when it comes to its healing properties. Listening to live music, especially in the company of others, broadens perspectives and can facilitate connections with others, which can be an effective way to overcome depression symptoms.

Pain relief

Experiencing live music can have a positive and powerful effect on your health. Listening to your favorite tunes can unleash an orchestra of chemical messengers in the brain known as endorphins, which are neurotransmitters responsible for feelings of happiness and euphoria. Endorphins are released when we listen to live music, creating a feeling that has the power to reduce stress and uplift our moods. In this sense, music can act as a form of medicine.

Anticipatory and memorable happiness

Similar to the effect seen in the release of endorphins, planning to attend live music triggers the brain to unleash dopamine. As the brain processes this, it will likely make you feel happier and excited about your upcoming musical adventure. The happiness continues during the actual event as the brain releases endorphins, which promote an overall feeling of euphoria. Finally, the memory of listening to live music will stay with you and extend your happiness when you relive the cherished memory.

Brings down stress levels

Live music is a natural stress reliever. There is something powerful about the atmosphere and energy given off by live music. This is why, for many, it is one of life’s necessities and always reliable in erasing worries and stress.

Stress is induced when the body discharges cortisol. This process increases glucose in the bloodstream, resulting in the need for the body to work harder and fixate on the subject of your stress. When the ear is engaged in listening to music, the body releases less cortisol, reducing stress.

Memory enhancer

Some of your favorite memories probably include live music. Weddings, outings with loved ones and live performances of all sorts stick more strongly with a soundtrack. Your memory bank can be filled with a long list of music that evokes pleasant life memories. The interplay between music and memory can strengthen the brain’s ability to retain information and boost memory capabilities. In some cases, music gives rise to automatic recall, resurfacing information once locked away in a memory vault. This process is also a type of mental exercise that can boost daily short-term memory functions.

Lifelong learning and live music at Hollenbeck Palms

Our comprehensive and extensive Lifelong Learning program fulfills the educational, artistic and cultural needs of our residents. We understand the beauty and necessity of music and the positive force it can be in daily life. For example, Hollenbeck Palms invites lecturers from local and national universities to lead discussions about the history of music, along with other musical topics. We also offer regular musical programs, a favorite among residents. And our close proximity to the Disney Concert Hall is yet another avenue for our residents to explore music and its many healing properties.

Highlights of the music offerings at Hollenbeck Palms include:

  • Piano presentations and lectures
  • Opera program in conjunction with LA Opera
  • Hollenbeck Palms Chapel recitals
  • Monthly performance at Hollenbeck Palms Rose Parlor

Because of the many benefits of music, Hollenbeck Palms wants to ensure that every resident can engage with this art form in a meaningful way. Our ideal environment, comprehensive care offerings and support help all residents lead a purposeful life without missing a beat.

To learn more about a happy Los Angeles retirement experience at Hollenbeck Palms, please reach out to us via email at [email protected] or give us a call at (323) 307-4505. We look forward to hearing from you!