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The harmful consequences of ageism

older woman who is clearly loved and appreciated by her daughter, challenging ageist stereotypes that older adults are no longer valuable members of society. aging as a natural and valuable part of life.

Everyone deserves to carry out a dignified and purposeful life.

The pursuit of happiness has no age limit or restrictions and is open to people of all backgrounds and in all stages of life.

At Hollenbeck Palms, our commitment is to a vibrant community that is passionately dedicated to the wellness and happiness of residents who are exploring the joys and perks of retirement life. For individuals with changing needs, Hollenbeck Palms offers residential and assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation and a memory enhancement center. Our continuum of available care grants residents peace of mind that they have found a home at Hollenbeck Palms, a secure garden oasis and thriving community in the heart of Los Angeles.

Hollenbeck Palms is a safe and supportive environment where residents can lead a purposeful life as active members of a thriving community. We aim to enrich the quality of life for our residents through comfortable, engaging and secure retirement living that’s delivered with compassion, honesty and dignity.

Sadly, in society in general there is a persistence of ageism, which can be life-altering and detrimental to the beloved aging community.


Ageism’s impact on everyday life

Ageism is an insidious and often overlooked form of discrimination that can have devastating impacts on the everyday lives of elderly people. It can manifest in a variety of forms, from subtle microaggressions in everyday language to outright exclusion from activities and services. Unfortunately, many members of the older generation are all too familiar with ageism and the toll it takes on their everyday lives.

Ageist comments such as jokes about “forgetting where you put your keys” or suggestions that elderly people should give up their driver’s licenses due to advancing age can be hurtful and overly dismissive. In addition, many institutions have policies that favor younger employees. For example, employers may overlook more experienced job applicants in favor of younger candidates who are perceived to have more energy or enthusiasm for the job at hand.

Ageism can also lead to financial instability, as some elders may not be able to draw on their retirement savings due to restrictive access policies or high transaction fees associated with senior-only accounts. Finally, aging adults may face difficulty accessing transportation resources such as public transit since routes are sometimes designed with younger customers in mind.

It is clear that ageism has concrete implications in the day-to-day realities of many elderly people around the world. While there is still much work to be done when it comes to combating stereotypes and biases against seniors, acknowledging this issue is a vital first step toward creating a society that values its elders and recognizes the immense contributions they make within our communities.


Infantilization sends wrong message

A simple question like, “Are we being a good girl today?” and other forms of down-talking and infantilization can be both offensive and condescending, especially while caregiving.

“Elderspeak” is another form of ageism and can be spotted in common expressions. If the dialogue can be mistaken for an exchange between an adult and a young child, the message is falling flat. Diminutives such as “honey,” “dear,” and “baby,” despite the speaker’s best intentions, can also come off as disrespectful. These unnecessary methods of communication divert attention from the main pillars of caregiving.

At Hollenbeck Palms, we do not do this. We are focused on supporting daily life that is full of engagement and inspiration. Together, we work to enrich the lives of our residents, uplift spirits and build an unbreakable trust shared between residents and other members of their community.


Changing attitudes

There needs to be more done to raise awareness and encourage caretakers and other professionals to undergo specialized training and to promote the undeniable benefits of a longer life span.

The Reframing Aging Initiative, for example, aims to break through cultural misconceptions and declare that aging is a dynamic process in which people gain momentum through the accumulation of experiences and insights. This is only possible through the wonderful process we know as aging.

As attitudes change, the root falsehoods of aging will also begin to fade. The narrative will shift to one that acknowledges that, while aging does increase risks for chronic disease and cognitive decline, many adults can and should still look forward to aging gracefully while living healthy and active lives.


Who we are

At Hollenbeck Palms, we will strive to create an ideal environment and space where residents can feel secure in all aspects of retirement life.

Residents of Hollenbeck Palms lead purposeful lives and are key members of a vibrant community, which sits on a beautiful eight-and-half-acre oasis with stunning views of downtown Los Angeles.

Hollenbeck Palms accommodates the individual needs of all residents, who have diverse backgrounds and life experiences. This means residents are presented with choices and have a big say in the direction of what comes next.

Our commitment to fostering a welcoming community is evident from the start. New residents quickly integrate and feel at home within our unique environment, which includes opportunities for fine dining, lifelong learning, wellness and community involvement without any preconceived notions or limitations.

For inquiries regarding our Los Angeles retirement community, please reach out to us via email at [email protected] or by phone at (323) 307-4505.