Hollenbeck Palms

Volunteering is a cornerstone of graceful aging

Gardening Workshop

At the core of volunteering is caring for others.

In following your heart’s direction to help people in need and to give back to your community, you are also caring for the whole self. Your warmth toward others and passion for community service over the years will benefit your mind, body and spirit. People who volunteer often gain self-confidence, self-esteem and a valuable perspective on their version of a purposeful life.

Learn more about the connections between volunteerism and a fulfilling life below.


Fuel for the brain

An active mind is usually a healthy mind. That is because a range of skills and functions are put into practice through the course of your volunteering and interactions with others.

As a productive and life-fulfilling activity, volunteering will contribute to your happiness and also inject small doses of optimism into daily life.

Health experts advocate for more intellectual engagement opportunities and hobbies as a way to also boost memory, reduce stress and grow social circles. Learning a new skill, teaching a class, reading and other similar mentally stimulating activities can also result in these health benefits.


Build generational bridges

While social media is designed to connect people, it has the power to also have the opposite effect. As younger and older generations grow apart due to the digital divide, volunteering is a way to create bridges and share valuable perspectives from people of all ages.

Older adults can share knowledge, skills and life lessons — and so can their younger counterparts. The exchange of ideas and viewpoints is a healthy social and intellectual pursuit that’s well worth everyone’s time and great for social media fodder. So, don’t forget to snap some selfies.


Get in steps, physical activity

Volunteering can double as a mini workout, helping you keep up with your physical activity goals. Just a short amount of light to moderate physical activity — which one can reasonably expect to achieve during a volunteer session — may pay big health dividends.

So, the next time you are walking at an event, serving meals or chipping in at a neighborhood cleanup, remind yourself about the good you are doing for your body by staying active and giving back.


Make new friends

Life stays interesting in large part because of the people in our lives.

As people age, their social circles tend to diminish for a number of reasons. To reverse that unfortunate trend, people can turn to their hearts and volunteer. Their goodwill may expand their social network with every new relationship formed.

Volunteering also connects people who have shared interests. They will feel an immediate sense of compatibility through their values. With bigger volunteer programs, people will also work together to find solutions toward building a better community for the long term. That type of shared camaraderie is rare, invaluable and a solid foundation for creating life-long connections.


Community involvement at Hollenbeck Palms

Residents of Hollenbeck Palms partake in a range of clubs and activities that are popular and well-attended, for good reason.

Residents can activate their senses as members of our gardening group. Time flies by as residents take in the fresh air and dig into a little gardening along our inspiring grounds and surrounding views.

For the voracious reader, there’s a book club that gathers for group discussions and endless mentally stimulating opportunities that keep residents mentally active and engaged with their memory. Plot, character, scenery and literary mastery feel more alive in a shared and supportive setting.

Residents stay active with their peers in a walking club, which treks throughout our beautiful garden campus, surrounding scenery and breathtaking views of downtown Los Angeles.

We encourage all of our residents to contribute their unique experiences and expertise to our Hollenbeck Palms community. For example, one resident leads an IT class, another teaches Spanish lessons and volunteers manage our library. The Hollenbeck Bazaar is also managed by residents and offers a range of products such as books, jewelry, furniture and clothes on a monthly basis to fellow residents and the external community.

These volunteer opportunities are just one piece of the collective vibrant community that is Hollenbeck Palms.

If you have any questions related to our Los Angeles retirement community, please contact us via email at [email protected] or phone at (323) 307-4505.