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6 wonderfully life-enriching New Year’s resolutions for seniors

Things are looking up with the New Year just a few weeks away.

The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic remain, but as things appear further away in the rear view mirror, more and more people are hopeful to turn the corner and enjoy brighter days for good.

For senior citizens, especially those with lingering health issues and living on their own, the pandemic was particularly tough. Moving forward, seniors, especially those living in a vibrant retirement community like Hollenbeck Palms, can enter the New Year with a full heart and open mind for new things and renewed excitement.

These New Year’s resolutions focus on activities that fill the heart, body and soul. There also reasonable and achievable.

Take 10 minutes to get blood flowing

You only need 10 minutes. That is right, ten minutes of exercise per day is one of the keys to graceful and healthy aging.

Simple exercises, like walking, jogging or riding a bike, can improve a person’s blood pressure, resting heart rate and other body functions. Depending on where you are health-wise, daily exercise can improve your baseline body metrics to where things were at in your younger years.  

Remember, just 10 minutes a day can mean the difference between feeling like your old self or the new you, reinvigorated from head to toe.

Reconnect with friends

As time passes, it will be safer to gather and socialize with others. That provides an opportunity to mingle more than you have in years. So why not embrace 2022 as the year to mingle anew?

Older adults who stay socially active can improve their mental health. Studies show that socialization can lower the risk of depression, improve cognitive abilities and protect overall health.

Reaching out to old friends and making new ones is easier than ever, in many regards. With social media and the internet, finding a friend is a breeze. Plus, there is a greater willingness by others to reconnect and rekindle relationships. At Hollenbeck Palms, we have a variety of events that help spur new friendships and support existing ones.

Stay positive

The light at the end of the tunnel is bright. And if you can keep the same mindset in 2022, it can be good for your health.

A positive outlook lowers risk of memory loss and speeds up the body’s recovery from a health episode. Long-term, a good attitude can also reduce the complications of chronic disease. And of course, a positive attitude can decrease the feeling of loneliness or gloomy thoughts.

So in 2022, look for opportunities to spot the silver lining and to focus on things you can control. Deliberate steps like making a list of things you are grateful for or meditating can squash the stress away.

Eat better daily

A classic New Year’s resolution is cutting back on unhealthy foods. For senior citizens, this goal is even more relevant.

As people age, their bodies will need fewer calories. Better food choices will allow you to reach your calorie intake requirements while also boosting the amount of nutrients and vitamins that enter the body.

It is easy to make better food choices. Clear-cut guidelines can navigate you. Generally, aim for more vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, whole grains, lean meats, nuts, olive oils and other healthier foods. At Hollenbeck Palms, we offer an array of delightful cuisine options to choose from!

Spend more time with grandchildren

Spending more time with the younger generation will bring you joy and may even help you live longer.

That quality time you spend with the grandkids is scientifically linked to longer life spans and better mental health. In some studies, individuals who developed close relationships with their grandchildren score higher on cognitive evaluations when compared to their peers who spent little to no time with their grandchildren.

Engage your mind

Staying mentally active can help you stay mentally sharp. Puzzles, reading, writing, playing games and other brain challenges can reduce memory loss and lower the risk for developing dementia symptoms.

There are other fun ways, such as joining a book club or picking up a hobby, that can get the wheels turning. Wait and see how happy and proud you will feel by what you accomplish through daily mental stimulation.

At Hollenbeck Palms we are looking forward to a rewarding and vibrant 2022 and have  many events planned for residents and families alike. Contact us today to hear more about what we offer to see if we are the right fit for your family.