Lifestyle & AmenitiesCommunity Involvement

Our residents can partake in clubs and activities that suit a wide range of interests and hobbies. In fact, most of these were formed by our own residents.

a group of people gardening

Gardening Group

Taking advantage of our beautiful grounds, our residents have formed a gardening club. In addition to helping us enjoy the fresh air, gardening connects us with the environment and offers numerous health benefits, including relieving stress and providing a low-impact exercise outlet.

a stack of books

Book Club

Our resident-formed book clubs and discussion groups provide more than a community outlet. They offer mental stimulation that improves memory as the brain focuses on the plot, scenery, characters, and more.

a group of people walking down a trail

Walking Club

Residents who join our walking club take strolls around our extensive grounds. Walking is known to be one of the best exercises for seniors, particularly for heart health. It also lowers blood sugar, promotes social engagement, and boosts mental health.

3 people socializing

The Social Hour

Every Thursday afternoon, the residents of Magnolia Court host “The Social Hour,” a friendly fête with tasty morsels, good cheer, and camaraderie.

two men playing pool

Game Rooms

Hollenbeck Palms has two dedicated game rooms for cards, dominos, billiards, and watching those all-important baseball, football, golf and soccer games on a big screen, in the company of friends.

a group of people conversing in a library

Volunteer Opportunities

We invite residents to share their knowledge and passion with the greater Hollenbeck Palms community. Currently, one of our residents leads an IT class, while another teaches Spanish. Our extensive library is run by volunteer residents. Residents also run the Hollenbeck Bazaar, a jamboree of bric-a-brac, books, jewelry, furniture, and clothes, which is open monthly to fellow residents, staff, and the outside community.