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Professional, compassionate, engaging, and safe support for residents living with advanced symptoms of dementia.

As Alzheimer’s disease or one of the many causes of dementia symptoms progresses, it often becomes necessary for individuals to receive more appropriate levels of care outside of the home. This can be a difficult decision for the family caregivers to make, but it can also be in the best interest of both the caregiver and their loved one. The Hensel Memory Enhancement Center offers a loving and engaging approach to dementia care.

Our free-standing Memory Enhancement Center has two floors and includes private and shared suites, spacious open dining room and kitchen, activity areas and a secure enclosed garden. Internationally recognized dementia care expert Laura Wayman, known as the Dementia Whisperer, has trained our staff on how to effectively and compassionately communicate and care for residents of the center. Laura has also supported all staff across the Hollenbeck Palms community to become dementia aware. The Hensel Memory Enhancement Center provides services and amenities that encourage individualized engagement leading to cognitive, physical, spiritual and psychological well-being in a safe, supportive, loving environment.

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  • Reduced monthly rates available
  • 2-year rent increase freeze
  • $1,000 towards move in costs
  • No-cost family consultation and support with our licensed Dementia Expert
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A Holistic, Personalized Approach

Residents of the Hensel Memory Enhancement Center are part of our Hollenbeck Palms community. Our approach to care includes getting to know the whole person—recognizing an individual’s unique qualities and abilities in the here and now—in order to develop a customized activity and care plan suited to the special needs of each person.

Each resident receives an evaluation, and an individualized plan is developed and implemented according to the person’s unique care and cognitive needs. Our holistic approach incorporates fitness, mental stimulation, and creative expression using engagement programs tailored to individual interests. Cognitive engagement, physical activity, art and music therapy, social and spiritual fulfillment also play a part in increasing the quality of life for each resident.

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Comfort with Continuity

The Hensel Memory Enhancement Center allows current residents to remain on campus in a familiar setting—and enables couples to stay close by during what can be a trying stage of their lives.

Details that Matter

Studies show that environment plays a crucial role in caring for people living with memory loss. The lack of a “feeling of home” can adversely affect the ability of an individual to thrive. Our Hensel Memory Enhancement Center combines the feeling of comfort and home with safety and security, resulting in a harmonious and engaging living environment. The center features a layout specifically designed to encourage independence by minimizing confusion, with special colors, textures, and shapes that promote mental stimulation and well-being. Residents will have access to new technology including Virtual Reality and the It's Never Too Late (IN2L) platform of engaging activities.

Uplifting Support

If needed, we may facilitate one on one support for residents, helping them acclimate to their new environment. We know that memory loss not only affects the individual experiencing it—but also impacts their loved ones. We offer resources and counseling to family members to help them through what can be a difficult period.

Would you like to learn more about our Memory Enhancement Center? Contact us to arrange our tour or to talk to a member of our team.

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