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A study says exercising can safeguard brain health

Your daily exercise routine may at first appear as a mere sequence of repetitive physical movements. However, a recent study supports the true value of daily workouts when it comes to physical and mental health.

In a remarkable breakthrough, scientists have unveiled profound insights that shine a light on the connection between exercise and the reduction of Alzheimer’s disease risk. This new understanding takes us deep into the molecular level, revealing previously undiscovered benefits of exercise for brain health.

When people engage in physical activity, the body triggers a specific protein called FNDC5. This protein, previously not well understood, plays a pivotal role in the overall process that benefits brain health. When FNDC5 is activated through exercise, it releases a molecule known as irisin into the bloodstream. Irisin, it turns out, works to protect the brain.

One of the key pathological features of Alzheimer’s disease is the accumulation of toxic proteins called amyloid beta plaques in the brain. These plaques are believed to contribute to the development and progression of the disease, a progressive neurological condition characterized by a decline in cognitive abilities, including memory, reasoning, and the ability to perform daily tasks.

Irisin appears to act as a guardian for the brain, limiting the build-up of these detrimental amyloid beta plaques. Additionally, irisin promotes the growth of new neurons in the brain. This is called “neurogenesis.” This is a vital aspect of maintaining cognitive function and memory.

In the two-fold process, irisin helps reduce the accumulation of harmful plaques in the brain, while simultaneously fostering the growth of new brain cells.

What’s even more astounding is that this powerful combination not only offers an explanation for the benefits of exercise in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease but also opens up possibilities for potential therapeutic interventions or lifestyle modifications to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

Further research is needed to fully comprehend the intricacies of this process. The findings, however, emphasize the significant impact of regular exercise on brain health and underscore the importance of an active lifestyle in potentially delaying or preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive diseases.


Lifestyle and Wellness Amenities at Hollenbeck Palms

At Hollenbeck Palms, we prioritize the well-being of our residents through our Lifestyle & Amenities Wellness program.

We understand the significance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That is why we offer a fully equipped gym, complete with an on-site personal trainer, to assist residents on their wellness journey as they carry on with active and independent lives.

The daily exercise classes encompass range of motion and strength training, and we provide opportunities for aerobic workouts, Tai Chi, and stretch yoga.

For those who prefer social physical activities, our community offers options such as spending time with friends on our nine-hole putting green, enjoying a game of shuffleboard, or taking a leisurely stroll through our campus garden. For residents who seek moments of quiet reflection, they can find serenity by the koi pond, a tranquil space thoughtfully designed by one of our former residents.

At Hollenbeck Palms, the well-being and happiness of our residents is our highest priority, and we support them with an array of lifestyle and wellness amenities.

  • Convenient wellness clinics offering regular visits from dental and podiatry professionals, as well as periodic blood pressure screenings and health checks for residents.
  • Our staff in Assisted Living and Memory Enhancement ensure residents receive appropriate care as needed on campus and assist in coordinating their care with physicians, outside medical services, and pharmacies.
  • Daily meals are delicious and nutritionally balanced, with special dietary requirements individually addressed by our dedicated chef and staff dietitian.
  • Skilled Nursing services at the Heideman Care Center offer rehabilitative care, including physical, occupational, and speech therapies, as well as a daily activities program, for short-term illnesses or hospitalizations.

Hollenbeck Palms, serving Greater Los Angeles for more than 130 years, provides a vibrant community for residents to age in place, offering elegant apartments and a range of services, all within a secure and beautiful garden campus.

As a nonprofit, our sole focus is resident well-being. Our goal is to improve our residents’ quality of life by offering retirement living that is comfortable, enjoyable, and secure while being driven by compassion, honesty, and heartfelt care.

To find out more about our vibrant senior living community, send an email to [email protected] or call us at (323) 307-4505.