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Can probiotics slow cognitive decline in aging individuals?

Can probiotics slow cognitive decline in aging individuals

Your gut, often overlooked but vital for your well-being, has an intriguing secret. While its primary role is associated with digestion, a recent study has shed light on an unexpected connection. The study has revealed that a specific dietary element known for supporting healthy digestion might also contribute to better long-term prospects for reducing cognitive decline in later life.

Live microorganisms, such as bacteria and yeasts, makeup these essential probiotics that contribute to gut health and offer other advantages. The research, presented at NUTRITION 2023, indicates that using the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus for three months improved cognitive scores in individuals already living with mild cognitive impairment.

The study organized participants, ages 52 to 75, into distinct groups according to their cognitive condition. Those receiving the probiotic showed a decrease in Prevotella bacteria.


Connection with cognitive function

For seniors seeking to enhance their cognitive resilience over the long haul, embracing a holistic approach that considers elements like diet and daily habits could offer the most promising and enduring solution.

Individuals with mild cognitive impairment in the study had more Prevotella bacteria in their gut. When these individuals took the probiotic and experienced a decrease in Prevotella levels, their cognitive scores followed suit.

The findings suggest a potential connection between the composition of the gut microbiome, characterized by Prevotella levels, and cognitive function. Of course, more research will paint a more complete understanding of the mechanisms underlying the gut-brain connection and the implications for cognitive health.

The gut-brain axis highlights the interconnectedness between the gut and brain. Through their positive effects on gut health and microbiota, probiotics offer the potential to influence cognitive function and brain health.

Aging naturally triggers alterations in brain structure and function, which can lead to cognitive decline, encompassing memory, attention decision-making and other cognitive processes. Now, armed with these medical clues, scientists are poised to delve even deeper into exploring how probiotics might play a pivotal role in helping to slow down the aging process. Manipulating the gut using probiotics can be a viable strategy to bolster cognitive well-being and counter the cognitive decline linked to aging.


The Hensel Memory Enhancement Center

Our Hensel Memory Enhancement Center offers professional, compassionate and secure support for individuals with moderate to severe dementia symptoms. As dementia progresses, it’s often necessary to seek care beyond the home. Residents enjoy a center that’s focused on a caring and engaging approach. With private and shared suites, dining areas, an enclosed garden and staff trained by renowned dementia expert Laura Wayman, the center delivers care through effective communication and individualized engagement.

Our Los Angeles dementia facility prioritizes cognitive, physical, spiritual and psychological well-being in a safe and loving environment.

Most of all, the residents at the Hensel Memory Enhancement Center are an integral part of our larger Hollenbeck Palms community. Our caregiving philosophy revolves around fully understanding each individual, embracing their distinct qualities and strengths at this moment, and using this insight to create personalized care and activity plans tailored to their needs.

By embracing the unique qualities and strengths of each individual in the present moment, Hollenbeck Palms paves the way for a seamless and purposeful journey, where comfort, connection and customized support are paramount.


Continuity with purpose

Residents find solace at the Hensel Memory Enhancement Center, where they can stay in familiar surroundings on campus. This not only eases the transition, but also keeps couples close during a challenging phase of their lives.


Focusing on details

Research underscores the significance of the environment for individuals with memory loss. The Hensel Memory Enhancement Center places a strong emphasis on fostering a sense of home while ensuring safety, resulting in a harmonious living space that is accommodating, regardless of the advanced nature of individuals’ conditions. Tailored designs minimize confusion, utilizing colors, textures and shapes that promote mental well-being.


Support all around

Personalized support is at the core of our approach. We help residents adjust to their new surroundings through one-on-one assistance, recognizing that memory loss affects both individuals and their loved ones. Our commitment extends to offering resources and counseling to families navigating this challenging period.

Anyone interested in discovering more about our Memory Enhancement Center can contact us to arrange a tour or speak with a member of our dedicated team. We encourage you to experience our enriching atmosphere firsthand. Please schedule a tour and enjoy a complimentary lunch and discover all the wonderful possibilities at Hollenbeck Palms.

If you are keen on learning more about the Hensel Memory Enhancement Center, feel free to set up a visit. Reach out to us via email at [email protected] or phone us at (323) 307-4505.