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Construction Update

The $13 million project, which broke ground in April of 2014, will have a great impact on Hollenbeck. Phase One of the project included doubling our existing nurses’ station and incorporating numerous technologies and advancements. Currently in Phase Two, we are enlarging and updating the existing Director of Nursing’s office and several surrounding suites including business offices, doctors’ offices, social services offices and a number of storage and supply rooms. This phase of the campus enhancement will also include unveiling a new and relocated beauty salon. The grand front entrance is being relocated and constructed in the middle of the existing building and a new, completely updated entrance with a raised façade, enlarged lobby and elegant sculpture will greet residents and visitors.

Phase Three will be the demolition of the West Wing wall of our Skilled Nursing Facility which is slated to begin in March . Although various construction and regulatory delays had arisen, Hollenbeck Palms’ management firmly recommended and received approval to begin the above-mentioned demolition prior to completion of the second phase. This is a huge benefit to the project which will recapture a very significant amount of lost time.

October 15, 2014 - Renovated Nurses' Station Unveiled in Heideman

Renovated Nurses’ Station Unveiled in Heideman Hall As our fundraising efforts progress, so does our construction. We are happy to announce that the very first phase of our project is completed. Located in Heideman Hall of our Skilled Nursing Center, this station has a completely new and updated look. Upgrades include new lighting, flooring, cabinetry and equipment. These changes will enable the station to house more equipment as well as allowmore staff to access electronic medical records in a very centrally located area. In the coming weeks, an automated medication supply cabinet will be installed to provide reliable, secure and highly efficient access to prescription medication. “At the end of the day, it’s all about patient satisfaction,” said Bill Heideman, Hollenbeck’s CEO. “Providing this updated station for our nurses allows us to better serve our residents, and that’s what we are all about.” The expanded nurses’ station is the very first phase of Hollenbeck’s $13,000,000 campaign to build our Skilled Nursing Center and new Memory Enhancement Center for our patients living with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

October 1, 2013

The Hollenbeck Palms Architecture and Engineering team is in the process of preparing the construction documents for the renovation/addition to the skilled nursing facility. The Architecture and Engineering team has worked closely with the Hollenbeck Palms administrative staff to refine the floor plans as follows: Revisions and updates to the overall phasing plans. Revisions and updates to the expansion/renovation to the existing nurses’ station at Heideman Hall. We are currently working to achieve the following project milestones: Submission of the proposed nurses’ station expansion plans to the Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development (OSHPD) for expedited plan check review is targeted for Oct. 25, 2013. This submission will be coordinated by Tyler Bashlor of Strategic Building Services, the OSHPD certified Inspector of Record retained by Hollenbeck Palms. Expedited reviews generally take approximately 4 weeks which would mean that a building permit to construct the nurses’ station improvements should be ready to pull sometime around Nov. 22, 2013. The remodeled nursing station must be completed before any new construction can take place. Submission of the Skilled Nursing renovation/addition project (demolition of the west wing, construction of the new single story wing and associated renovation work) is targeted for Dec. 13, 2013. OSHPD has indicated that the plan check review will take approximately 90-120 days. Submission of the civil engineering plans to the city of Los Angeles is also targeted for submission on Dec. 13, 2013. The Geotechnical Report required for the building permit has already been submitted to OSHPD in Sacramento and is currently being reviewed. In the process of completing the design and construction documents, we will be working closely with Hollenbeck to coordinate the communication systems, nurses’ call systems and other special equipment that will need to be incorporated into the new construction. Construction of our new 27-bed Skilled Nursing unit is scheduled to begin in early summer of 2014.