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Holiday gift ideas for seniors

This year, the holiday season will be extra special.

Now that more families can feel a little more comfortable gathering and spending quality time with loved ones both inside and out of their regular circle, there’s a lot of anticipation for this year’s holiday gathering.

Of course, your presence will be the best gift of all. But you can spread extra holiday cheer with a special present.

Shopping for a senior is not always the easiest endeavor. So, as you add to your holiday shopping list, check out the following gift ideas that your loved ones will absolutely love.

Family photos

In today’s world of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and all the rest, there is no shortage of family photos.

Take that opportunity to build an actual family album to share those memorable moments with your loved ones.

The recipient will love flipping through memories. A walk back down memory lane can also bring comfort to people living with dementia.

Back massagers

Help sooth their aches and pains with an electric massager. The market is packed with all kinds and types. You are sure to find just the right one that will help unknot that persistent kink in their neck.

White noise device

Leaving on the fan for a white noise effect might not be the most prudent thing to do during the winter months.

So, bring white noise back into their lives with a special device. Depending on what you get, the devices will produce a variety of ambient sounds that will drown out disturbing noises. The constant, peaceful sound will promote a good night’s rest, which means they will also feel more refreshed the next day.

Twiddle muffs

This therapy tool is designed for people with dementia. Your loved one will immediately be drawn to the sensory nature of a twiddle muff, which is soft, knitted, tube-shaped, textured and full of colors.

Their hands fit snuggly inside, but with enough room, and will keep their hands warm and occupied. This sensory experience can reduce anxiety and boost their spirits.

Foam seat cushion

If mom, dad, grandma or grandpa spend a lot of time sitting, provide relief with a foam seat cushion.

A memory seat cushion is small, lightweight and can travel anywhere. It will promote good posture, blood flow and alleviate body aches and pains.

This gift could add hours to their day so they can do something fun and productive, instead of lying down during the day.

Electric toothbrush

Limited mobility can get in the way of dental health. An electric toothbrush makes it easy to clean every region of the mouth.

Remember, overall health relies on good oral health. So go ahead and stuff their stockings with an easy-to-use electric toothbrush and one-handed flossing kit.


If your loved one has cold flooring at home, a pair of warm slippers is the perfect gift this holiday season.

They will love to get cozy in a pair of slip-on, nonslip slippers.

You might even choose to gift them diabetic slippers, which are especially useful if your loved one fights foot swelling.

Coloring books

No, it is not just for kids or some younger adults. Coloring books are cool at every age.

They relieve stress and unleash a little creativity. If your parent or grandparents suffer from arthritis, you can look for larger-grip coloring art supplies and books with simpler designs.

Medical alert device

A medical alert device is easy to wear and can save a life.

This is a great gift for aging individuals who will find comfort in a device that can call for help with the simple push of a single button.

Your loved one will appreciate it even more if they currently live alone.

At Hollenbeck Palms we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and look forward to the many events we have planned for residents and families alike.