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How to recognize early signs of Alzheimer’s disease in your loved one

During the holidays, as families create cherished moments, adult children might observe changes in their parents, perhaps noting a decline in mental capacity. This serves as a poignant indication of impending challenges and the possibility of a new chapter on the horizon for your family.

If you have observed such changes, this could be the time to consider exploring supportive memory care options for your loved one, ensuring their well-being and comfort in what will become an evolving journey.

Witnessing a parent possibly grappling with early dementia symptoms or Alzheimer’s disease is not easy. Imagine your mom, who once effortlessly recalled recent family updates, now asking the same questions repeatedly. It is a subtle shift, but as she relies more on notes and assistance with tasks she once handled independently, one might start recognizing these things as potential early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some signs to keep an eye on if you are worried about your parents so you can have better information and heightened awareness. Some of these are merely indicators of age-related changes that may not be cause for concern but are important to be aware of.

  • Changes in mood and personality, such as mood swings, confusion, suspicion, depression, fear or anxiety, could be early signs of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia symptoms, and are different from age-related changes such as individuals developing specific routines and occasional irritability.
  • Withdrawal from activities, characterized by difficulty in conversations and a tendency to withdraw from hobbies. This contrasts with age-related changes like individuals occasionally feeling uninterested in social obligations.
  • Struggling with plans, numbers or concentration, as indicated by difficulty in following plans or working with numbers. This is distinct from age-related changes like making occasional errors in managing finances.
  • Changes in decision-making, poor money judgment, and neglecting personal grooming could point to decreased or poor judgment, potentially signaling the early stages of mental decline. On the other hand, normal age-related changes might manifest as occasional lapses in decision-making influenced by peer pressures or other social contexts.
  • Misplacing things and being unable to retrace steps. This could present as putting items in unusual places or making accusations as the disease progresses. In contrast, normal age-related changes may involve occasionally misplacing items and retracing steps.
  • Confusion with time or place, such as losing track of dates, seasons and experiencing general confusion. However, normal age-related changes may involve temporary confusion about the day, later clarified with a quick explanation.

At Hollenbeck Palms, we understand that memory loss is not only a challenge faced by the individual but one that is also experienced by their loved ones. We understand the profound effects on families and are committed to holistic care. As a part of this commitment, we offer a range of resources, services and counseling to family members, emphasizing a sense of collective support and unity in navigating this journey together.

The Hensel Memory Enhancement Center, is a free-standing facility spanning two floors, featuring private and shared suites, an open dining room, activity areas, a secured garden, and provides a safe and engaging environment. The staff, trained through a world-renowned Dementia Aware program, focuses on compassion and dementia awareness in all aspects of care.

At the forefront of memory care, the center exemplifies cutting-edge research and techniques to support individuals with advanced symptoms, offering enhanced assisted living and health care services.

Residents of our Los Angeles dementia facility benefit from a holistic approach to individualized care, starting with a comprehensive evaluation. The center integrates fitness, mental stimulation and creative expression into various programs, aiming to improve cognitive, physical, spiritual and psychological well-being. The team’s personalized attention fosters a deep understanding of each resident’s unique qualities and abilities, allowing for customized experiences and care plans.

For more than 130 years, Hollenbeck Palms has been serving Greater Los Angeles, providing a vibrant community for residents to age in place. Our offerings include elegant apartments on beautiful grounds and comprehensive services that create an environment where aging individuals thrive.

To discover more about our vibrant community for seniors, you’re welcome to contact us via email at [email protected] or by phone at (323) 307-4505.