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Studies Show Exercise May Help Delay Dementia Symptoms and Memory Loss

There is growing evidence that suggests a simple brisk walk could give your brain a workout.

According to a study, conducting aerobic exercise can aid in the prevention of dementia-related brain changes. Other trials are being performed to see whether cholesterol levels are related to the risk of developing dementia symptoms.

Mild cognitive impairment affects roughly one-fifth of people over 65 years old. Mild cognitive impairment is characterized as small changes in the brain that influence decision making, memory and general thinking abilities. It can sometimes lead to Alzheimer’s and other malfunctions of the brain.

More studies show that regular exercise could enhance memory and cognition in healthy seniors.

Aerobic Exercise Is Important

Some symptoms may appear later than others, in a different order than expected or not at all in some cases. Some symptoms may appear briefly before disappearing, while others may get worse as time goes on. Because everyone is different and dementia manifests differently, the rate at which dementia progresses varies significantly. The stages of dementia are as follows:

Regular exercise strengthens and protects bones; a loss of muscle tone and bone density is one of the leading causes of fragility in seniors. By integrating physical exercise into your routine on a semi-daily basis, you can protect your body from both.

According to a new report from the University of Texas, cardiovascular exercise decreases the risk of dementia symptoms as you age. According to a groundbreaking study, ranking the seven lifestyle risk factors that fuel an increase in dementia symptoms, only one hour of exercise per week will cut the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in half.

According to a Cambridge University study, one in every three disease cases may be avoided by increasing physical activity, quitting smoking and addressing health issues like obesity and diabetes.

Risk of developing dementia symptoms is often increased by poor health in general. According to research, you can eat and drink well, if you avoid alcohol and smoking, in addition to having a moderate amount of exercise every week.

The great thing about it is you don’t have to work yourself to exhaustion to reap the benefits of exercise. The study discovered that only 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week — roughly half an hour, five days a week — can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.

Maintain Your Memory by Staying Active

There are no symptoms or signs of dementia; therefore, they have not been diagnosed.

According to a recent study conducted by Rush University Medical Center, active older adults are more likely to maintain a higher percentage of their cognitive abilities than those who are less active.

Even after researchers considered the severity of a participant’s brain lesions, the connection between behavior and cognitive test scores remained. The connection was also consistent in both patients exhibiting dementia symptoms and those not.

Participants with improved movement and balance also had better memory and comprehension, according to the researchers.

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