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The benefits of Tai Chi for seniors

The benefits of Tai Chi for seniors

As you age, there will be inevitable limitations to what you can do physically, but that does not need to result in an end to activity, just changes in the type of activities you participate in.

If you live alone and are entering the golden years of life, remaining active may be a big topic on your mind. Previously, you might have found joy in staying active by hiking or biking on trails. If your mobility is more limited now, you might seek something that is low impact but still nourishing to the body and mind. It is possible to achieve your physical goals while also challenging your physical boundaries in a safe, enjoyable and effective way. The traditional Chinese method of Tai Chi is one possible avenue to explore.

While it was originally developed as a martial art, Tai Chi is a collection of slower movements that can help maintain a healthy weight, get your blood flowing and boost overall wellness, including heart and immune functions. It is also designed for people to improve their posture and body alignment through careful and purposeful movement.

If this sounds like something your mind and body craves, then read on.

Pain relief

As people age, they will discover more about their bodies and what will cause pain or soreness. Unlike taking on other types of exercise, practicing this ancient art form has been proven to relieve pain intensity. In fact, Tai Chi is often used to treat musculoskeletal pain, fibromyalgia and post-traumatic stress disorder. Generally speaking, regular participants can expect to increase their range of motion and see improvement in their everyday aches and pains.

Heart health

Despite its slow pace, Tai Chi can significantly strengthen your heart health. Studies have shown that people who consistently practice Tai Chi can significantly lower their blood pressure along with their body mass index. Research points to a direct correlation between Tai Chi and improved cardiovascular health.

Body-mind balance

The series of slow body movements involved in Tai Chi will likely enhance your awareness of your body’s balance, strength, flexibility and coordination. For many, one of the main reasons to practice Tai Chi is for greater insights into the body’s capacity. Too often, older adults might prioritize exercises that are known to boost certain muscle groups. Instead, Tai Chi is designed to stimulate the body and mind, producing results people sometimes seek out with more vigorous exercising.

Because Tai Chi focuses on the body-mind relationship, it is a proven method for improving overall flexibility and balance. Through this low-impact exercise and paying careful attention to how the body responds, you can also substantially reduce the risk of falling.

Mood enhancing

Exercising and moods are undoubtedly linked. While a vigorous workout might not be your favorite thing in the world, you can look forward to the release of endorphins and unleashing joy. With Tai Chi, you can get the same kind of benefits while engaging both the mind and body. Various research has found that Tai Chi can improve a person’s psychological health and overall happiness, including reducing depression symptoms and stress.

Better sleep

Tai Chi also has a way of positively improving almost every aspect of life given its comprehensive movement sequences. This includes better sleep. Researchers have determined that Tai Chi improves sleeping patterns. As a result, Tai Chi also has been proven to reduce tiredness and boost awareness.

As you explore new possibilities in maintaining a healthy exercise regimen, there is no mistaking the many benefits of this ancient practice. Through this centuries-old tradition, you can find new excitement in your life and reap all the wonderful benefits to your body and soul.

Residents of Hollenbeck Palms are treated to our healthy living wellness programs, which includes Tai Chi, as well as stretch yoga and aerobic workouts. Also, our secure garden oasis offers a personal on-site trainer and a fully equipped gym.

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