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Omega-3 fatty acids may transform mental health

For those who appreciate the goodness of mackerel, salmon, or sardines, there’s more to these dishes than meets the palate.

Recent studies on omega-3, abundant in these foods but also available in supplements, bring exciting news regarding the potential impact of these nutrient-rich foods on mental health. Including omega-3 in your diet could be the brain-boosting solution you’ve been seeking. And, since omega-3 is widely accessible, it’s also an affordable way to feed the brain.

Monitoring diet is pivotal for promoting overall health, managing weight, preventing chronic diseases, and supporting specific needs associated with aging, including cognitive decline.

This research shows a strong relationship between red blood cell omega-3 fatty acid concentrations and MRI and cognitive markers of brain aging.

Researchers say they found that higher levels of omega-3 are associated with a larger hippocampus, a critical brain structure that tends to deteriorate in the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. In the comprehensive study, participants with increased omega-3 levels performed better in cognitive testing related to abstract reasoning and showed lower rates of dementia, indicating a potential link between omega-3 intake and cognitive health.

These findings indicate a positive link between higher omega-3 fatty acid levels and improved brain structure and cognitive function, which might spark your curiosity about adding more omega-3-rich foods to your diet.

Here are some foods and entrees rich with this beneficial fatty acid:

– Mackerel with lemon and herb

– Cod liver oil infused with Mediterranean salsa

– Salmon bakes with honey Dijon and roasted vegetables

– Herring with pasta and fresh dill

– Sardines on top of tomato bruschetta

– Caviar smeared with cream cheese on bagel

– Anchovies on pizza

– Oysters grilled with garlic herb butter


Hollenbeck Palms

Located within a secure, garden oasis in the heart of the city, Hollenbeck Palms is a vibrant retirement community dedicated to wellness and happiness in retirement life. Hollenbeck provides residential and assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and the Hensel Memory Enhancement Center.

Hollenbeck Palms offers residents a vibrant and inspiring lifestyle. Residents enjoy a fully equipped gym with daily exercise classes, educational enrichment opportunities, two unique dining venues, and plenty of support toward healthy living and eating.


Dining for a healthy lifestyle

Chef-prepared meals put the focus on deliciousness and nutritional balance, including personalized dietary accommodations and guidance from the staff dietitian.

The versatile menu features fresh, seasonal, nutritious, and delicious offerings. With globally influenced cuisines and a focus on locally sourced produce, our dining options cater to all palates, including vegetarian choices and foods packed with omega-3 and other foods promoting healthy aging. For example, the Furikake Salmon is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, essential fatty acids that are also beneficial for heart health.

The Grand Dining Room is an everyday, elegant three-course table service menu featuring themed buffets. The Skyline Bistro provides a casual atmosphere, flexible hours, and a veranda patio with sweeping views of downtown Los Angeles. The Retro Ice Cream Parlor allows residents to indulge in their favorite ice cream flavors in a Retro Ice Cream Parlor.

At Hollenbeck Palms, our focus is on our residents and their happiness. We invite you to see for yourself. You can schedule a tour and enjoy a complimentary lunch to explore everything we have to offer at Hollenbeck Palms.