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What to ask when choosing a Los Angeles assisted living facility

In the intricate journey through the aging process, our once strong and resilient loved ones may encounter subtle yet profound changes accompanying this passage of time.

The new year is a stark reminder of time’s unyielding progression and its weighty effects. Maybe your aging parent, once fiercely independent, now hesitates to acknowledge the nuances of their changing mental capacity. Perhaps your once self-reliant loved one is just understanding new physical limits, raising questions about the need for additional support and care.

These tender narratives resonate with many families, where the idea of seeking extra help poses a challenge that at first seems very daunting.

The decision to choose an assisted living facility, especially for those grappling with memory issues, will reveal a web of complexity and sensitivity that demands profound consideration.

The decision matters.

The following insights act as a guide in the emotional journey of making the right choice, reflecting care, respect and genuine concern for our loved ones.


Seek informed advice and do homework

 Ask people you trust, like doctors, friends, family or members of support groups for seniors or those with memory loss, for recommendations.


What to look for in residents during visits

Assess their engagement by observing their activity levels. Depending on the amenities and programs, there could be a lot of positive and life-enhancing movement among residents.

Take note of whether they are occupied or left to their own devices. Gauge their happiness and inquire about their sense of safety and well-being.


Put facility standards through test

Assessing the facility itself is also of utmost importance. You will want to check the cleanliness of public or common areas and residents’ rooms. Consider whether the facility has a secure outdoor space that allows residents to enjoy fresh air or to pursue outdoor activities without leaving the facility.


What qualities should I observe in the staff?

A tour and visit of the facility will provide insights into staff’s ability to monitor residents effectively during outdoor activities, mealtimes and other busy moments of the day. Are they serious about their work while engaging and making genuine connections with the residents?

Simply put, observe how they care for others.

Are they frustrated or understaffed? Look for signs of personalized care and inquire about their workload and ability to address safety concerns.

Politely request the facility to arrange introductions to family members of current residents. If the facility declines this request, it could signal a consideration point in your search for an ideal living environment.

Speak with the administrator. A good sign is when they know most residents by name, which underscores their responsibility for the facility’s overall well-being.


Key questions about memory care

When exploring memory care options for a family member dealing with dementia or memory issues, it is vital to address concerns about wandering and overall safety. Things you might inquiry about include door alarms, and understand how staff respond to triggered alarms, especially during nighttime hours when wandering incidents are more likely.

Then, see how far the memory care goes. Does the facility have a cognitive assessment process during admission? Can family members actively contribute to care plans?

Assess the staff-to-resident ratio, inquire about the training protocols for handling dementia-related challenges and discuss changes in health status that might impact residency or fees.

Share instances of challenging behaviors you have noticed in your family member and ask about the facility’s approach to handling such situations.


Living at Hollenbeck Palms

At Hollenbeck Palms, residents enjoy all the freedom they deserve from retirement. Our array of senior residential apartment buildings, featuring four distinct options, show our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our residents.

Care teams provide tailored assisted living services in the convenience of residents’ apartments. They support with daily activities, ensuring residents can maintain the comfort of living in familiar surroundings without interruption.

Through assessments conducted upon admission or significant changes in status, we tailor our care to meet the specific assistance needs of each resident.

Hollenbeck Palms stands as a testament to a rich legacy of providing an ideal environment for purposeful living within a vibrant community. Our commitment to residents’ well-being is unwavering, as a nonprofit community governed by a Board of Trustees.

With elegant apartments and the option to seamlessly transition to assisted living, skilled nursing and our Memory Enhancement Center, our residents can age in place.

Schedule a tour and enjoy a complimentary lunch to explore the exceptional offerings at our eight-and-a-half-acre garden campus at Hollenbeck Palms, where life’s journey continues with comfort and care.

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